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As a woman’s health advocate and expert, Dr. Gaither has appeared in national consumer health and lifestyle outlets discussing topics ranging from conception to prenatal diagnosis.

Does taking Zoloft and breastfeeding affect your baby?

By Sarah Bradley | FEBRUARY 2, 2021 “There is a [scarcity] of data on the neurodevelopmental effects on the infant from breastfeeding while on Zoloft,” says Kecia Gaither, MD, a double board-certified OB-GYN [...]

You Might Notice Some Leaking Breast Milk Weeks Before Your Baby’s Born

by Shannon Evans and Ellen Schmidt, Feb. 1, 2021 During pregnancy, the hormonal fluctuations result in breast enlargement, increased blood flow, and the growth of your milk-producing glands, Dr. Kecia Gaither, [...]

Skin-to-Skin Contact with Other Parent May Help Infants After C-Section Delivery

By Christin Perry, January 27, 2021 "Now, science has caught up and we've started studying and noting the positive impact it has on the [parent-child] dynamic—emotionally as well as physiologically," [...]

Are Yoni Pearls Safe During Pregnancy?

Written by Simone M. Scully on January 26, 2021 “The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, and as such does not require a ‘detox,’” says Dr. Kecia Gaither, an OB-GYN and specialist in maternal [...]

How To Make A Sore Throat During Pregnancy A Little Less Miserable

by Ellen Schmidt, Jan. 13, 2021 But there are many treatment options for a sore throat, according to Dr. Kecia Gaither, an OB-GYN, women's health expert, and Director of Perinatal Services [...]

Boric Acid Suppositories Can Help Prevent Recurrent Yeast Infections And Bacterial Vaginosis

By Emilia Benton, JAN 11, 2021 Now let's get to boric acid (or boriseptic) suppositories. These are often prescribed as an alternative treatment for certain types of vaginal infections that [...]

What Are The Effects of Using Crack or Cocaine During Pregnancy?

By Marta Manning, January 2021 “It’s best to plug into care early, including the referral to nutritionists, mental health providers, social workers, in addition to physicians and addiction specialists,” NYC [...]

The truth about Weight Watchers

By K.M. Langevin, Dec. 30, 2020 "A group of people all focused on the same goal, with the same state of mind, serves as a psychological boost," Dr. Kecia Gaither, [...]

Surprising ways marriage can affect your health

By K.M. Langevin/DEC. 22, 2020 As it turns out, marriage can help with all of those things. "Mental health is better when you're happily engaged with your significant other — [...]

Is It Safe to Have Spirulina While Pregnant?

By Sara Lindberg, Dec., 21, 2020 Kecia Gaither, MD, double board certified in OB-GYN and maternal-fetal medicine and director of perinatal services at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln, outlines the most [...]

The pros and cons of tampons vs. pads and how to decide which is better for your period

By Toketemu Ohwovoriole, Dec. 17, 2020 Choosing between tampons and pads comes down to what your preferences are. "Differentiation between menstrual products is a personal choice as long as they [...]

White discharge can be a sign of your period coming — here’s how to know what it means and when to see a doctor

By Toketemu Ohwovoriole, Dec. 17, 2020 "Most women have an increase in vaginal discharge a few days prior to their period," says Kecia Gaither, MD, a double board-certified OB/GYN and director [...]

Everything You Need to Know Before You Try to Remove Your IUD at Home

By Gabrielle Kassel, Dec. 16, 2020 When your provider first inserted the IUD, they likely left 1 to 2 inches of string hanging for the purposes of removal, explains Kecia Gaither, [...]

Everything You Need to Know About the Copper IUD (ParaGard)

By Gabrielle Kassel, Dec. 16, 2020 The copper IUD is a long lasting, nonhormonal birth control that gets placed into the uterus by a doctor, explains Kecia Gaither, MD, MPH, FACOG, [...]

Does Cranberry Juice Help Yeast Infections?

Jessica Migala Dec. 15, 2020 For recurrent yeast infections that cause vaginal soreness throughout the year, Kecia Gaither, MD, double board-certified in ob-gyn and maternal fetal medicine, and director of [...]

6 natural ways to prevent a UTI, according to OB-GYNs

By Sarah fielding, S. Adam Ramin, DEC 5, 2020 "Increased water intake has many benefits to the body - among them is the reduction of UTI[s]. It dilutes the urine [...]

If You Experience Pain During Ovulation, Here’s How to Relieve the Symptoms

Karla Walsh, Jo Yurcaba  Dec 3, 2020 For some, ovulation pains like cramps may be "a unilateral twinge," while for others, they can be more severe. "Knowing your cycle well is [...]

Here’s What The Experts Had To Say About These 5 Early Baby Old Wives’ Tales

by Lindsay E. Mack, Dec. 1, 2020 For the most part, it's difficult to say why some babies are born earlier than others. "Preterm labor and delivery appear to have [...]

Yes, Unfortunately, It Can Be Normal to Experience Third Trimester Morning Sickness

December 1, 2020 by Melissa Willets Yay! You are past your first trimester and morning sickness is safely behind you — or not. For some lucky people, nausea and vomiting is left [...]

When you stop having sex, this is what happens to your body

By K.M Langevin, Nov 30, 2020 One of the benefits of having orgasms is that they're known to help with cramping. According to Self, orgasms can relieve pain and tension. [...]