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As a woman’s health advocate and expert, Dr. Gaither has appeared in national consumer health and lifestyle outlets discussing topics ranging from conception to prenatal diagnosis.

Surgery on a Fetus Can Be a Necessary Intervention

By Rachel Crowe, June 7, 2022 "As reproductive technologies evolve, the number of congenital conditions that can be treated and potentially corrected will continue to increase," said Kecia Gaither, M.D., an OB-GYN [...]

Abortion May Soon Be Illegal. But Who Will That Affect the Most?

By Helen Massy, June 2022 "Prior to Roe v. Wade, women underwent unsafe medical alternatives often resulting in death, hemorrhage, infection, infertility and hysterectomies—all from botched abortions," said Kecia Gaither, M.D., who [...]

Fact Check: Men CANNOT Transfer Eggs From One Woman To Another

By Marlo Lee, Jun 6, 2022 Can a man's penis carry female eggs from one woman to another by having sex with two different women? No, that's not true: Dr. Kecia [...]

A Fibroid Treatment Option That Won’t Compromise Your Fertility

By Jeanette L. Pinnace, June 1, 2022 Doctors may recommend one of three types of myomectomies: hysteroscopic, laparoscopic or abdominal, which is also called a laparotomy. “This depends on the size and [...]

I Have a Diminished Ovarian Reserve at 26 Years Old

By Charlotte Ivan, May 27, 2022 "There is no way to slow down diminishing ovarian reserve,” said Kecia Gaither, M.D., M.P.H., an OB-GYN in New York City. "However, some options exist to [...]

How Endo Hits Black Women Harder

by Frances Gatta, May 26, 2022 As to why both diagnosis and treatment for Black women with endometriosis is lagging behind that of white women, experts say there are potentially many [...]

Breastfeeding Duration Associated with Higher Cognition in Children

By Eileen Bailey, May 25, 2022 “Multiple challenges can exist with breastfeeding, such as sore nipples, plugged ducts, poor bonding, exhaustion, and low milk supply,” says Dr. Kecia Gaither, MPH, FACOG, [...]

The 8 Best Menstrual Cups of 2022

By Sarah Bradley, May 20, 2022 You can use a combination of several factors to figure out what size cup is the best fit for you. According to Kecia Gaither, MD, director [...]

Boils on your vagina: How to beat painful bumps

By Ashley Laderer , May 12, 2022 A boil will typically show up on the pubic mound or the outer labia on the vulva, says Kecia Gaither, MD, MPH, board-certified OB-GYN and Director [...]

Black women face brunt of harm if Roe vs Wade abortion rights are repealed, warn experts

By Taylor Nicole Rogers, May 11, 2022 “We already have seen what Covid has done to this community,” said Kecia Gaither, an obstetrician for NYC Health and Hospitals in the [...]

FDA Approves First and Only Medication to Treat Chronic Yeast Infections

By Julia Ries, May 10, 2022 "This particular medication, Vivjoa, apparently has high efficacy with low recurrence risk—a boon to that subsection of the population so plagued with recurrent vulvovaginal yeast [...]

Why Should You Care About Your Pelvic Floor

By Natalia Lusinski, May 7, 2022 Circulation is the fifth critical function of your pelvic floor. “The muscles act like your calf muscles in that they help to pump blood and [...]

Fact Check: Partly True That Fetal Heartbeat Starts After 16 Days — List of Embryo Facts Is Mixture Of True/False/Partly True

By Marlo Lee, May 6, 2022 Lead Stories emailed Dr. Kecia Gaither, a double board-certified doctor in obstetrics and gynecology and maternal fetal medicine, for the next three questions. She responded [...]

Breaking Down the IUI Process

By Emily Courter, May 5, 2022 It's hard to define the exact success rate you can expect from IUI. Success depends on the underlying comorbidities, according to Kecia Gaither, M.D., M.P.H., director [...]

FDA Approves Vivjoa (Oteseconazole) for Chronic Yeast Infections

By Eileen Bailey on May 3, 2022 “It looks to be a novel drug predicated for those women with refractory recurrent yeast infections,” says Kecia Gaither MD, MPH, FACOG, Director of Perinatal Services at [...]

Why Does PMS Make You Sleepy? Period Fatigue Can Have Many Causes

By Arielle Tschinkel, May 3, 2022 As for what causes pre-period fatigue, you can blame it on your hormones. Along with other PMS symptoms — all of which can cause or [...]

How Overturning Roe v. Wade Will Impact Parents, Pregnant People, and People Who Want To Get Pregnant

By Amber Leventry, Tracy Collins Ortlieb, May 03, 2022 In the meantime, people in marginalized communities will be most profoundly impacted by such restrictive laws because access to necessary medical care may not [...]

You’re Not Broken: The Mental Health Effects of Infertility

By Andrea Rice, May 2, 2022 What causes infertility? Kecia Gaither, MD, MPH, FACOG, the director of Perinatal Services at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln in New York City, explains that [...]

Best Ways to Relieve UTI Pain and Urgency at Night

By Scott Frothingham, Apr 29, 2022 Experts also recommend drinking plenty of fluids, unsweetened cranberry juice, and taking probiotics. Just because there are OTC options to relieve UTI discomfort, you shouldn’t [...]

How much alcohol is safe to drink while breastfeeding and how long you need to wait after imbibing

By Rebecca Strong, Apr 29, 2022 "Remember that everyone metabolizes alcohol differently, and that rate can change from day to day," says Kecia Gaither, MD, a double board-certified physician in OB-GYN [...]