By Jessica Freeborn, Jan 23, 2024

Dr. Kecia Gaither, double board certified in OB/GYN and Maternal Fetal Medicine, Director of Perinatal Services/Maternal Fetal Medicine at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln in the Bronx, who was not involved in the study, said it was not surprising that back pain is experienced at a higher frequency in females. She noted to MNT: “The basis of most disease has as its underlying tenet [in] inflammation. Antioxidants mitigate the effects of inflammation. Low back pain has multiple etiologies: Neurologic- ex-disc herniation, spinal stenosis, arthritic, [and] trauma. In women, add to that dynamic of a dynamic hormonal milieu with risks of endometriosis, adenomyosis, [and] leiomyomas — all entities men don’t have.”

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