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What is a ‘Caul’ Birth? “Born in the caul” is a phrase that’s connected with a lot of cross-cultural myths and superstitions — babies born in the caul are supposed to be destined for lives of fame and fortune. Biologically a ‘caul birth,’ rare in nature, refers to a baby that’s born with part of the amniotic sac still attached. Even more extraordinary – occurring approximately once in every 80,000 births is something called ‘en-caul,’ a baby born within a completely intact amniotic sac, fluid and all.

Respect the Big P: A Closer Look at Preeclampsia

March 22nd, 2016|Tags: , |

**Originally posted on The Huffington Post Parents** Spring has graciously sprung and with it has come new opportunities, new alliances, and of course new perspectives. As a maternal fetal medicine [...]

Manicures, Miscarriages, and Mayhem

July 7th, 2015|Tags: , , , , , |

**Originally Posted by The Huffington Post - Healthy Living** Since my medical school training, medicine as an art has expanded itself. Among its many facets, has emerged the field of [...]

Space: It Is NOT The Final Frontier

April 25th, 2015|Tags: , , , , , , , |

In 1966, American television was taken by storm with a different kind of series -- enter "Star Trek." It explored "brave new worlds" beyond what we knew on Earth, and [...]

To NIPT or to not NIPT? That is the Question.

January 14th, 2015|Tags: , , , , , , |

There are many conversations had between an expectant mother, and her prenatal care provider - for the most part, these are positive in nature and revolve around ensuring the health [...]

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Breast Cancer

October 3rd, 2014|

1. Breast Cancer can occur in teen years. Although rare, Breast Cancer can present during the teenage years. It is important for teens to learn to examine their breasts early. [...]

The ‘Diabetical’

September 25th, 2014|Tags: , , , , , |

I have loved the term ‘diabetical’ since the matriarch of Tyler Perry's ‘Madea’ movie franchise first coined the phrase. The term masterfully highlights the diabolical nature of the disease, which [...]

Diabetes AND Pregnancy

May 20th, 2014|

Approximately 1 in 1000 pregnant women in the United States have diabetes requiring insulin treatment prior to pregnancy. Another 3% to 12 % develop diabetes for the first time during [...]

Autism: Who’s the Culprit? Mother Nature or Mother Nurture?

April 25th, 2014|

April is Autism Awareness Month and before the month left, I wanted to write something ‘profound’ on the topic. Having completed a lot of research on the subject before putting [...]

The Two Faces of Motherhood: Maternal Health in the U.S.

February 22nd, 2014|

I am a maternal fetal medicine specialist; simply put, I take care of pregnant women with high-risk complications like HIV, diabetes, brain tumors and fetal anomalies. I have had the [...]

Postpartum Depression: This is NOT the Fairytale

February 20th, 2014|

A new mom and depressed? These seem like two realities that radically contradict each other. However, given the fact that you have just delivered a child, and are feeling sad and overwhelmed [...]