1. Breast Cancer can occur in teen years.

Although rare, Breast Cancer can present during the teenage years. It is important for teens to learn to examine their breasts early. It is recommended to assess the breasts a few days after their menstrual cycle (when they are less tender) such that they can learn to recognize any changes in their breasts.

2. Breast Cancer can occur during pregnancy.

Breast Cancer unfortunately, is THE most common cancer noted in pregnant women. And while pregnancy doesn’t cause the disease, hormonal fluctuations pertinent to the pregnant state may accelerate its growth. As always, any suspicious lump or nipple discharge during the pregnant state should be evaluated.

3. Your diet may predispose you to Breast Cancer.

Multiple researchers have noted a relationship between a high-fat diet and the development of Breast Cancer. One of the largest studies (EPIC – European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition) has looked at the interrelationship between diet and the development of cancer.

4. There exists more than one type of Breast Cancer.

The type is dependent on where in the breast the cancer originates; ductal, inflammatory, metastatic serve as examples.

5. The majority of Breast Cancer survivors have noted an increased incidence of sexual dysfunction.

The causes of which are both physical and psychological.