3 Attainable Resolutions for the Mom-to-Be

1. Cut the mama drama. Decrease the stress in your life. Stress for anyone, but particularly pregnant women, affects both mother and fetus; it presents with an increased risk of preterm labor/delivery and low birth-weight infants. Stress also contributes to the development of hypertension. Anecdotally, mothers who are under immense stress tend to have crankier infants. Stress busters include meditation, yoga and aromatherapy — all are safe, natural ways to de-stress.

2. Open wide and say AHH. Pay attention to your dental health. Infection is felt to play a major role, among other things, in the genesis of preterm labor and heart disease. Periodontal disease is in effect a lingering oral infection. A trip to the dentist for cleaning of plaque/attention to any gum disease decreases your incidence of preterm labor and delivery. Make sure to schedule routine visits for maintenance of your oral health throughout the year.

3. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The old adage is true: nutrition contributes to great health, so pay attention to your nutritional choices with the new year. Focus on increasing your fruit, vegetable, beans and whole-grains intake. Cut down on fatty, high-cholesterol foods/processed foods. Lean meats like chicken and turkey are great. Increase your water consumption; eliminate the high-fructose containing drinks. Good nutrition contributes to a healthy growing fetus, and post delivery, keeps you in a positive nutritional balance health-wise.

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