By Kecia Gaither, MD, Oct 26, 2021

Health care is progressively being delivered via digital channels such as the internet, social media, mobile technology telemedicine, video messaging and apps. The movement has been facilitated by the
dissemination of mobile technology and the rapid developments of artificial intelligence. Digitization offers wide coverage, messaging which can be targeted to specific groups of consumers and offers
marked potential for enhancing the delivery of sexual and reproductive health/rights ( SRHR), information and support. Recent advances in the SRHR arena include the provision of online testing for sexually transmitted diseases, the use of which has made a significant impact in diagnosis and treatments. Telemedicine within this SRHR subset has additionally been an important adjunct in overcoming social, behavioral and geographic barriers to accessing services and facilitation of self-use of products and services. Digitization may additionally provide options that can transform the narrative for
infertility evaluation.

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