By Gabrielle Kassel, August 31, 2020

The IUD, pill, patch, and implant can all be up to 99-percent effective when used correctly — but in some cases, user error (blanking on taking/replacing them) can thwart their effectiveness, says Dr. Gaither. And in that case, you may consider using an internal condom as a back-up. “Plus, then you’ll have protection against STIs too, and not just pregnancy.” True!  Another perk: Unlike external condoms which, when used on a penis, require that the penis be and stay (!) fully erect, internal condoms have no such prerequisite. “You can insert the condom up to 8 hours before use,” says Dr. Gaither. (FTR: Yes, you can still urinate after you put the condom inside you). If you or your boo have trouble getting or maintaining an erection, internal condoms are a great way to nix the start-and-stop of putting on a new condom every time the erection comes and goes. 

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