You Really Can Run Through Your Whole Pregnancy, So Why Does Everyone Say You Can’t?

By Kelly Mullen-McWilliams, 1/16/18

If you want to feel social judgment smack you like a wall of icy wind, try doing something outrageous as a pregnant person, like buying a bottle of wine or surfing. Outsize reactions to your belly-button piercing reveals a lot about how society views motherhood. For instance, I once went for a hike with a six-month belly, and a tourist scolded me for not wearing a hat. “The sun makes the baby sick, and it will be your fault when it gets cancer,” he said. But what I heard was: “You’re supposed to be inside watching television for two — and also, I failed tenth grade science.” This attitude is especially pervasive when it comes to running. Doctors say that you can run through pregnancy, and even that it is good for you, but you’re likely to meet an enthusiastic crowd of naysayers if you do it.

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